Navigating Contract Chaos: When Both Parties Breach a Contract in Albuquerque

When contracts are breached and chaos ensues, only an Albuquerque breach of contract attorney can help you figure out what’s going on. While it’s one thing for a party to breach the agreed-upon document, it’s a whole other mess when both parties breach the contract.

The Sitterly Law Firm’s breach of contract lawyer, Nick Sitterly, has extensive experience working with various legal issues and can prevent your situation from spiraling into legal disorder. He’s the right person when you need an expert who understands the intricacies behind breach of contract cases and can fight on your side.

Let’s explore the ins and outs of what happens when both parties breach a contract, including what constitutes a breach and how a breach contract lawyer can help.

General Breach of Contract Elements

Before we dive into the complexities of a double-sided contract breach, let’s understand the basics of what constitutes a breach of contract claim. 

A breach of contract occurs when 1 or more parties fail to fulfill their agreed-upon obligations as outlined in the document. 

These obligations can be related to payment, performance, delivery, or any other terms defined in the document. A breach can be partial or total, depending on the extent of the failure to perform and the measure of damages. 

When a breach occurs, the non-breaching party may have law of contract remedies available to them, such as compensatory damages or a basis for termination. The remedy depends on the specifics of the situation. 

That’s why the situation can get complicated when there’s no non-breaching party and both parties are at fault. In this case, it can be hard to tell who gets legal remedies as there’s no innocent, injured party. 

What Happens When Both Parties Breach a Contract

Let’s unravel the intricacies of a situation where both parties involved in a contract breach their obligations. This scenario is often referred to as a “mutual breach.”

Mutual breaches create a tangled web of legal complications. When both parties fail to uphold their end of the bargain, it becomes challenging to determine who is at fault and who has a legitimate claim.

In these cases, 2 main steps will have to be taken before any remedies can be issued.


In cases of a mutual breach, it’s common for both parties to make counterclaims against each other. Each party may allege that the other’s breach led to their own non-performance. It’s crucial to untangle the causation of the breach and the performance-related issues.

A lawyer for contract disputes can help you develop a solid counterclaim to help your circumstances. By gathering evidence and observing the contract terms and the document details, a breach of contract law firm can analyze your situation to determine the best possible course of action.

Court Intervention

Mutual breaches can lead to legal disputes and court interventions. Courts may have to evaluate the contract, the actions of both parties, and any possible defenses raised. The court’s goal is to reach a fair resolution, which can involve monetary damages, contract reformation, or termination.

By having a breach of contract lawyer represent you in court, you can enhance your chances of a positive outcome. These legal specialists are experts at negotiation and analytical prowess regarding breach issues. 

How an Albuquerque Breach of Contract Lawyer Can Help

Navigating breach of contract matters where both parties are in the wrong can be a complex and daunting task. This is where the expertise of a reputable and tenacious attorney with a proven track record like Nick Sitterly from the Sitterly Law Firm becomes indispensable.

Such contract dispute attorneys have the skills and expertise necessary to significantly impact the outcome of your case. Here are a few things they can help with.

Early Assessment

As soon as you suspect a contract breach or find yourself in a situation where both parties have failed to meet their obligations, it’s wise to consult with a lawyer. Their keen eye for detail and legal knowledge can help assess the situation and determine the next best step.

Negotiation and Resolution

An attorney’s remarkable negotiating abilities come into play when attempting to resolve a dispute outside of court. Through skillful negotiation, these contract dispute lawyers may help both parties reach a mutually agreeable solution, saving valuable time and resources.

Legal Representation

If an out-of-court settlement is unattainable, these legal experts can represent you in court. They can build a strong case, gather the necessary evidence, and strive to secure the compensation you rightfully deserve. 

Even if both parties are at fault, there may still be remedies available depending on the circumstances and difference in damages.

Partner With an Expert Albuquerque Breach of Contract Attorney for Ideal Results

The Sitterly Law Firm’s only contract dispute lawyer, Nick Sitterly, is a reputable and experienced legal expert who can help when both parties breach a contract in Albuquerque. He understands how to deal with legal matters that can quickly become overwhelming and legally intricate.

With his precise attention to detail and tenacious approach, he can navigate the complexities of a mutual breach and work toward a fair and just resolution. For expert legal guidance and assistance in contract breach matters, don’t hesitate to call contracts lawyer Nick Sitterly.

Contact Albuquerque breach of contract attorney Nick Sitterly for legal advice today.