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Contracts are the cornerstone of business and personal transactions. They provide a framework for parties to define their rights and obligations. Sometimes, one party fails to fulfill their end of the agreement, leading to a breach of contract. At the Sitterly Law Firm our attorney, Nick Sitterly, can represent your case in court. He can […]

Law enforcement agencies rely on various techniques to extract confessions from suspects. While most of these tactics are effective and within the law, there are instances where innocent individuals find themselves making false confessions under intense pressure and unjust manipulation. At Sitterly Law Firm, our police misconduct attorney, Nick Sitterly, can help protect your rights. […]

Fraud has become a pervasive problem affecting individuals, businesses, and governments all around the nation. Fraudulent activities can cause victims substantial financial and emotional distress, making it crucial to understand the different types of fraud and the importance of seeking legal assistance when faced with such allegations. Sitterly Law Firm offers thorough and attentive services […]

We rely on insurance companies to act in good faith by honoring their obligations and providing the coverage we paid for. Unfortunately, there are instances where insurance companies act in bad faith, putting their interests above their policyholders. Sittlery Law Firm is here to shed light on what bad faith insurance entails and explain what […]

The idea of characterizing people as “career criminals” implies that people who have been convicted multiple times have chosen crime as a career. This notion becomes incredibly insulting when you realize that nearly all social services, such as education, health care, drug and alcohol treatment, and mental health services, have been cut to the point […]

Many Communities are understandably nervous about the prospect of police surveillance video cameras being posted throughout low-income communities. After all, the police are not recorded throughout their shift, and higher ranking officers are never recorded. Surveillance programs around the country seek to keep an eye on low-income communities 24/7. Some of the most recent techniques, […]