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Effective Defense Requires Investigation

Investigation can mean many things.

If you are facing a drug related felony, investigation could mean reviewing toxicology reports, consulting with a toxicologist and asking them to testify for you, having blood testing done on yourself or other individuals, and investigating the laboratory who conducted tests on blood, saliva, or other bodily fluids.

In more complex felony cases, toxicology might be only a small part of a larger forensic science picture. Thorough investigation could take days, weeks, or months.

The more complex your case is, the more time your attorney must devote to investigation.

Remaining Silent Is Harder Than It Sounds

You do not have to speak to the police if you think you might be a suspect. We have all heard the phrase “right to remain silent.” Yet, when you face a police officer during a traffic stop, outside your home, outside someone else’s home, or on a public street, the natural desire to explain yourself might take over.

We explain ourselves because we believe we can protect ourselves, but explanations often lead to convictions in criminal law. If you are being investigated, consult with a lawyer. With a lawyer’s help you may still be able to help the police. You can say to the police, “I would like to help you but I would like to consult with a lawyer first.”

If a police officer insists that you speak to him, he is breaking the law.

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