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Sathoud Media Brief

In 2017, Christ Sathoud was arrested as part of a law enforcement sting targeting men soliciting underage minors for sex. After seeking representation from Nicholas Sitterly of the Sitterly Law Firm, Sathoud was able to prove that a form of entrapment took place as the officers posing as juveniles claimed

Gutierrez Decision PDF Brief

When facing hefty fines and prison sentences, two former public officials turned to the Sitterly Law Firm to help them win their cases. New Mexico’s Attorney General alleged that these former public officials violated the ethical principles outlined in the Governmental Conduct Act (GCA) and, as stated in this agreement,

Rio Grande Sun Media Brief

Herald Ulibarri, convicted in 2006 for Rhonda Gutierrez’s murder, may have been wrongfully accused, according to new forensic evidence. Recent advancements, specifically Y-STR typing, suggest that the DNA found on Gutierrez is more likely from Kenny Duran, her former lover than Ulibarri. Ulibarri’s defense attorney, Nicholas Sitterly, has been steadfast

In lawsuit, retired state police officer claims grudge led to false charge

A personal grudge goes too far as former New Mexico police officer Benjamin Swope files a civil claim against the Colfax County Sheriff and Angel Fire Police Departments. The lawsuit alleges Swope’s former grudge-holding coworker, Tom Lewis, kept erroneously charging him with a misdemeanor battery charge after a civil incident

Ex-inmate sues New Mexico over delayed release

Former inmate, Margarito Baca, filed a civil rights claim against the New Mexico Department of Corrections, alleging he was wrongfully imprisoned past his release date. He also alleges spending excessively long periods in solitary confinement, affecting his mental and emotional health. The claim states that prison officials disregarded the judge’s

Lawsuit: BCSO deputy sued for excessive use of force

Bernalillo County Sheriff Deputy Jeffrey Bartram strikes again. After repeated incidents of excessive force, he’s seen slamming a fully cooperative man on the ground and punching him after a routine traffic stop in 2020. Nick Sitterly of the Sitterly Law Firm is now helping the man sue the department for