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Welcome to Sitterly Law Firm, your go-to resource for devoted civil rights advocacy in Colorado and New Mexico. The founder of Sitterly Law Firm, Nick Sitterly, is here to give you the legal assistance and advocacy you need when dealing with civil rights issues.

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Nick Sitterly: Your Experienced Civil Rights Attorney

If you are looking for an attorney with experience, commitment, and a track record to protect your civil rights, look no further than Nick Sitterly. He has long been involved in the communities he serves throughout Colorado and New Mexico. Nick is a civil rights attorney you can rely on thanks to his steadfast dedication to upholding your rights and his passion for justice.

Why Partner With Sitterly Law Firm For Your Civil Rights Case?

  • Skilled Advocacy: Experience counts when it comes to civil rights cases. In addition to being an accomplished attorney, Nick Sitterly is a seasoned advocate who has devoted his professional life to pursuing justice. His extensive knowledge of civil rights laws has allowed him to represent many individuals successfully in matters involving civil rights violations. Nick’s thorough understanding of this complex legal area is evidence of his dedication to defending your rights. Regardless of the prejudice, improper actions by the police, or First Amendment violations you’ve experienced, you can rely on Nick to use his experience to fight for you.


  • Local Knowledge: Getting around the judicial system takes more than just legal knowledge; it also calls for a deep awareness of the surrounding community. Because of his deep understanding of Colorado and New Mexico, Nick can offer specialized legal methods that consider the particular difficulties that citizens of these states may encounter. He is familiar with the locals and the nuances of the legal system. This local expertise guarantees that your case is handled appropriately and precisely and expedites the legal process.


  • Personalized Attention: Nick believes every client should receive personalized attention at Sitterly Law Firm. When you partner with us, you are more than a case number—a unique person with unique needs and concerns. Nick takes the time to learn about you, understand your circumstances, and relate to the challenges you face. Throughout the legal process, you will receive the individual attention you deserve. Sitterly Law Firm promises to be there for you at every turn, offering assistance, direction and specialized legal knowledge based on your needs.

Why Partner With Sitterly Law Firm For Your Civil Rights Case?

  • Police Misconduct: I’m ready to fight relentlessly for justice on your behalf if you’ve been the victim of excessive force, a wrongful arrest, or any other type of police misconduct. I’m here to hold offenders accountable for violating your rights because your rights matter.


  • Employment Discrimination: It is illegal to discriminate against someone on the job based on their race, gender, age, or any other protected trait. At Sitterly Law Firm, I’m dedicated to upholding justice and ensuring companies that discriminate against their employees are held responsible for their acts.


  • Housing Discrimination: Having access to fair housing is your right. With my assistance, you can defend your right to live in a house free from prejudice by addressing housing discrimination issues as soon as they arise.


  • First Amendment Rights: Our democracy depends on freedom of speech and expression. I’m prepared to forcefully defend your First Amendment rights whenever they are threatened, ensuring your voice is heard.


  • Prisoner Rights: I will make every effort to ensure that you or a loved one receives fair treatment and dignified conditions if you or they are victims of civil rights breaches while behind bars. I am committed to ensuring your rights are upheld while incarcerated.


  • Disability Rights: People with disabilities should have equal access to the legal system and protection against it. To guarantee that you have access to the same opportunities and accommodations as everyone else, I am dedicated to fighting for your rights.


  • LGBTQ+ Rights: I am a fervent supporter of the rights of LGBTQ+ people. Our society cannot tolerate harassment or discrimination based on a person’s gender, identity, or sexual orientation. I’ll put up a fierce battle against these injustices.

Your Civil Rights Matter

I'm aware of the significant effects that civil rights breaches can have on an individual's life. My role is to defend your rights, stand by your side, and pursue justice. I'm here to assist you; you don't have to handle civil rights matters alone.

Get in touch with Sitterly Law Firm right away if you need a knowledgeable civil rights lawyer in Colorado or New Mexico. I'm ready to listen to your concerns, evaluate your situation, and offer legal assistance. To arrange a consultation and begin protecting your civil rights, contact me today.